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Axiom Discovery is making its Molecule Viewer (Lite Edition) available as a free download.  Molecule Viewer is a Windows application that works in a similar way to the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer that is part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. 


Molecule Viewer allows users to view molecular structures stored in a wide variety of file formats including Brookhaven PDB, Alchemy, MDL, Gaussian, MOPAC, etc by simply right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer and selecting the "Preview" command.

Features include:

  • view structures in traditional renderings such as ball and stick
  • view proteins as ribbons, cartoons, barrels and tubes
  • view solvent accessible surfaces
  • view molecular orbitals and iso-density surfaces saved in Axiom Discovery workspace files
  • animation of normal modes (one randomly selected)
  • supports many common file formats include PDB
  • print images direct to a printer
  • edit structures in IDEaTM  and Molecular ExplorerTM (requires one of these to be installed)
  • OpenGL based rendering with full control over how the image is rendered including background colors and gradients, projection, anti-aliasing, etc.

The advanced version of the Molecule Viewer application provides additional features such as:

  • visualization of electronic structure information in Gaussian files, MOPAC files, Games-US files, etc.
  • Molecular orbitals, iso-density and iso-potential surfaces can be viewed without requiring Gaussian or MOPAC
  • advanced property mapped surfaces
  • contact and Connolly surfaces in addition to solvent accessible surfaces
  • visualization of dipole moments and atomic charges for both ground state and excited states
  • animation of all normal modes and reaction paths
  • many more visualization features found in high-end molecular modeling packages

Contact Axiom Discovery to enquire on how to obtain the advanced version of Molecule Viewer.


Complete application installer: ~13MB file containing Viewer and sample files

Viewer application installer: ~4MB file containing only the Viewer

Right click on either link and save the file to your hard drive.  Once the installer has downloaded entirely, double click on the installer file to install the software.

Please note the Lite Edition version is not a supported product.  If you find problems installing the software or any bugs contact Axiom Discovery using  We will reply as soon as possible.  Versions of the software will be released occasionally to include fixes and/or new features, check on this web site for future releases.


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